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29 Days of Melanin: Honoring Black Excellence (Adrian Sundiata)

Adrian Sundiata is an activist, educator and speaker from Charlotte, North Carolina that has dedicated his life to improving the lives of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. As the current Dean of Students at Crossroads Charter High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mr. Sundiata's role is imperative in developing positive outcomes for the youth and families he serves.

Mr. Sundiata is well known throughout the Charlotte community for having a "new genre approach" when it comes to reaching today's youth. His unique strategy includes combining his personal life experiences with research-based material in order to connect with them on a level they can understand and trust. He has built lasting relationships based on his methods of teaching, which allows him to be a voice of reason and sound judgment within the community

In addition to tirelessly serving the youth in his community, Mr., Sundiata is an advocate for equality and justice reform. He has had the opportunity to speak on these topics in a wide range of settings from churches, jails, community events, conferences and many more

Mr. Sundiata continues to devout his time towards positively impacting the black community and Melanin Made salutes him for all his efforts.

For more information on Mr. Adrian Sundiata contact

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